Zero-Day Anti-Malware


Z-Scan is an in-the-cloud defence shield that provides zero-day anti-malware protection against the latest zero-day threats. Z-Scan operates by continually analysing all the threat information obtained in real time from more than 250,000 traps in the cloud, poised 24/7 for attacks to occur; and releasing its own signatures to protect against emerging malware within seconds. Z-Scan provides the fastest protection against emerging new threats.  
- Industry best response times of just 3 seconds.
- Performs 4,200 times faster than typical gateway anti-malware systems.
- 250,000+ virtual honey pots already deployed.
- Multi-Award Winning Technology:
+ Info Security Global Excellence Awards (published out of Silicon Valley)
+ ITPro Corporate Choice Awards
+ Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards
+ PC3 Corporate Choice Awards
+ Hong Kong Awards for Industries:
Technological Achievement Grand Award
- Real-time malware gathering.
- In-the-cloud Update Technology.


The Network Box anti-malware solution provides 16 anti-malware engines, supporting over 700 encoding and packing formats, combining several different anti-malware techniques and is backed by a database of over 11 million signatures. It provides true defense in a single managed gateway appliance.  
- 16 Anti-malware Engines.
- 11 Million+ Signatures.
- Triple 100% Tolly rating for detection of malware over HTTP, SMTP and POP3 protocols.
- email malware protection.
- Updated in real-time using PUSH technology.
- Open-relay protection prevents spread and significantly limits damage.
- Mobile malware protection.