Multi-Layered Anti-Spam
The Network Box anti-spam system is the most comprehensive and effective gateway anti-spam solution in the market today. It provides 25 anti-spam engines, combining several different techniques and is backed by a database of over 30 million signatures. The Network Box anti-spam email gateway achieves an industry-record detection rate of at least 98% with almost zero false-positives values.  
- 25 Anti-Spam Engines.
- 30 million+ Signatures.
- 99.49% Detection Accuracy.
- 0.01% False-Positive Rate.
- Co-operative Spam Checksums.
- Signatures and Spam Scoring.
- White lists and Black lists.
- Heuristics.
- Real-Time IP Blacklists.
- Real-Time URL Blacklists.
- URL to IP Mapping and Blacklists.
- URL Categorization.
- Domain Age.
- Bayesian Filtering.
- Challenge / Response Systems.