Application Identification and Control
The Network Box Application Identification and Control engine analyzes web traffic up to and including layer 7, to identify the application responsible for that traffic. Applications such as Skype, Dropbox, BitTorrent, Gnutella, Facebook, YouTube, Limewire, ICQ Messenger, and more than 1,300 others are supported. Identification is based on the traffic itself and not just the network port / address it is on. Once identified, policy control can be applied to that. For enhanced control, the system also allows traffic to be analyzed both in terms of ‘productivity’ and ‘potential risk.’  
- Supports over 1,300 applications.
- 15 categories and 20 tags for identification.
- Customisable policy rules for enhanced control of internet access.
- Allows granular control of applications.
- Encrypted SSL traffic can also be identified and controlled.